Canon EOS 650 giveaway

Update (28.4.2014): And the winner is @masha9374. Congratulations!

Update (22.4.2014): I've you've entered the giveaway earlier you might be surprised that the camera I'm giving away is a Canon EOS 650 and not a 300V. You haven't lost your mind, I've just decided to give away a different camera. You should be getting an even better deal as the 650 is much better built than the 300V. And of course you're automatically entered.

After yet another break I'm announcing yet another giveaway! This time it's the Canon EOS 650 pictured below. Due to the fact that it takes all modern Canon EF lenses (the 40mm f/2.8 pancake would go especially well with it) it is an ideal camera for everyone who wants to give shooting with film a try. I'm even including a roll of color negative film (ISO 400) to get you started! The battery in the camera is also still good for quite a few rolls, so the only thing you need is a lens! And if you happen to have some M42 mount lenses lying around that's great as I'm also including an adapter so that you can use them on this camera.

The camera is in perfect condition (it even comes with the manual) and on top of that you'll be the owner of a classic: The first ever Canon EOS camera!

Continue reading after the image to find out how to enter:


To enter the giveaway you have to do two things:

1. Follow me on Twitter (you can use the button below) and not unfollow me until the end of the giveaway:

2. Tweet this (you can use the button below) and don't delete it until the end of the giveaway:

I just entered the Canon EOS 650 giveaway by @ujhphoto. Find out how to enter at #believeinfilm

That's it!

Obviously I will pay postage and I will post anywhere in the world. However, should there be extra charges (like customs, which I highly doubt as this camera isn't worth that much) then you will have to pay them.

The winner will be drawn on Monday April 28th 2014.

Good luck!