Duo TLR kit for sale (including lens & Polaroid back)

In an effort to reduce my camera collection I'm going to sell my Duo TLR kit. If you don't know, the Duo TLR is a wooden DIY kit to build a TLR that let's you shoot Polaroid (or rather Fuji these days) peel-apart instant film. To my knowledge it's the only TLR that's specifically made for this purpose.

As I had planned to build it myself I also bought a lens and a Polaroid back (as well as a pack of film). So this kit comes with a Mamiya 105mm lens (shutter working perfectly, glass clean, so scratches, fungus, dust) and a Polaroid 600SE back as well as a pack of fresh Fuji FP-100C. It also comes with two adapters that let you mount roll film backs (from 6x4.5 up to 6x9). And obviously there's also a manual (PDF) to help you build the camera. It has 68 pages and is full of detailed images and it also helps to check out the discussion in the Flickr group before actually starting the build.

All in all a great package for a very unique camera. All that for 450€ including (world wide) shipping costs for an ensured package with tracking.

You can contact me at info@urbanhafnerphoto.com.