Cameras for sale (Kodak Retina IIc, Yashica 635, Zeiss Ikon Contessa)

After giving away a few cameras (and more to come!), I now have three cameras that I'd actually like to sell  I'm posting all images here. Please ask about the condition in the comments or by email.

A Kodak Retina IIc that's in perfect shape. I bought it a year ago from THE expert in folding cameras. 110€ + postage

SOLD: A Yashica 635. Lens, shutter, aperture blades, etc. in perfect shape. The leatherette however is a bit dirty and there's slight corrosion on the chrome. Comes with original screen + brighter Rick Oleson replacement screen (installed). 85€ + postage

A Zeiss Ikon Contessa folder. In almost perfect condition. Recently CLAd by the previous owner. 110€

All cameras come with leather cases and will be shipped from Germany. Feel free to ask either in the comments or send me an email at