The Caffenol Cookbook

Some of you might know that I develop my own black and white film. Recently it has been in Rodinal but before that I've used various formulations of Caffenol. And just this weekend I developed in Caffenol-C-L again.

For those new to this developer I suggest you check out new The Caffenol Cookbook by some of the most prominent members of the online Caffenol community.

The book contains a nice selection of images (all developed in some variation of Caffenol) and great instructions on how to go about doing it yourself.

The only downside is that it's not available as a PDF download and neither does it work on my iPhone. The crappy Flash book simulator really doesn't do the content any justice. But maybe I'm just overly critical as doing this right is my day job ...

All in all it's a great resource and I'm pretty sure the display issues can be overcome. Who knows, maybe they'll even create a real book out of it? I would definitely buy one.