Week 9: You gotta start somewhere

This blog post first appeared on 52rolls.net.

I guess you have to start somewhere. My initial plan for this year was to only shoot with my Travelwide. And for weeks 1-6 I managed to do that. But these sheets aren't printed yet and some aren't even developed. I also shot some 35mm and 120 black and white film in weeks 7,8, and 10. But again these rolls aren't developed or printed. ;) You get the picture. But at least week 9 was a roll of Fuji Pro 400H shot in my Bronica ETRSi that I sent off to MeinFilmLab last week. They received the film last Wednesday and today I was able to download the scans already!

Less stuff

A few days ago my wife found this short 6 minute TED video by Graham Hill:

He argues that we should all own less stuff. We both agreed that this was a great idea and we'll try to apply this to all our belongings in the near future.

This will also include my camera collection. It's not an easy process letting go of cameras, but I've noticed that I've shot much more now that I've decided to do a 365 project with just one camera. I'm still not entirely sure which cameras to let go, but I'm pretty sure these will stay:

  • Bronica ETRSi
  • Minolta SR-1s
  • Wanderlust Travelwide
  • Coronet Commander
  • Vivitar Ultra Wide & Slim

One of these days I'll have to empty my camera cupboard and all the boxes that contain my camera accessories and separate between things to keep, things to sell (or give away) and stuff that goes into the bin.